May: Ideathon

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Gathering community members, ASA members and all African youth, we worked together to foster ideas to problems we see in our communities. Hosted at the Palmers house, the ideathon focused on placing our ideas into action and being comfortable to ignite new ideas among your community.

Whats an Ideathon?

As stated by UW C21 an ideathon is "a short, intensive, workshop-like experience for students to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time".

A month after the Africa Now conference, we wanted to bring in members to help them take what they learned from the conference and assist in creating ideas for their current problems.

Our event was hosted at the Palmer House located by the University of Washington. Our event was open to all Africans. We gathered to speak on what we learned from the conference and to learn how the conference impacted them. Afterwards, we engaged in an intensive workshop. By splitting up the group, we gave them 30 mins to find a problem, and create a solution. Having a short time requires participants to come up with an idea, whether they think its great or bad. The point of it was to allow them to be comfortable with speaking about their ideas. In many African communities, the youth are shut down for having silly ideas however its the silly ideas that sometimes lie the foundation for a genius idea and we wanted to highlight that.

In the end, each group created a presentation of their solution. One of the groups highlighted the importance of bringing African youths together and their solution was to do that through a social picnic. They highlighted that a picnic would give a relax environment for Africans to connect and gave us a new perspective on how terminology can impact the decision of attending an event for many Africans. Our other group presented the idea of being more civically engaged in the community and allowing others to know that African youth exist in the area.

This event allowed us to hear from our community, and advocate for what they want. It allowed us to give them a space to have any idea without any judgement and network with other African youth.

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