Participating in Afropedia and Mother Africa's "Fighting through Covid-19" Zoom

On May 2nd 2020, members of the African Youth Coalition joined in a panel conducted by Afropedia and Mother Africa discussing resources each organization had during this critical time.

We thank both organizations for hosting such an important zoom meeting which gave a spotlight to resources and information of COVID-19. The discussion provided us with information about Covid-19 and how it's affecting many members of our communities. With a large immigrant community, it was critical for us to attend such an event in order for us to share what we have learned. Through OneAmerica we learned about resources available for students with expiring visas living in Washington Sate.

Moreover, the zoom meeting reminded us of the importance of community and the effectiveness of unity. We're excited to continue to connect with members and organizations virtual through this difficult time. We hope you all are staying safe!