June: Sudan Solidarity March

In the waking of what was occurring in Sudan, we worked alongside the Sudanese communities and members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. to organize a march through downtown to bring awareness of Sudan. We provided poster making for the communities and we walked alongside

from University street up to Cal Anderson Park.

Our day began with a poster making a session at the Union, located in Downtown Seattle. We can not thank the Union enough for allowing us to use their space to create posters for the march. After gathering our members we discussed what was going on for those who were not aware and then began our march. We were joined by the Seattle police who assisted in protecting us with our march and more than 15 members who walked with us from University street up to the Cal Anderson Park.

The importance of this event was not only to bring awareness to the tragedies of what was occurring in Sudan but also to allow the youth to partake in civic engagement. We also discuss our rights to protest and how we as youth must utilize the rights we have in the United States compared to our African youth in some African countries.