The Coalition Workshop

The African Youth Coalition in collaboration with Africa Now hosted a Coalition Workshop on Saturday, January 25th, 2020. The participants were: members of the Blaq Elephant Party Organization, members of the Black Student Union at UW, and members of the Nurturing Roots Farm Organization.

The goal of this event included:

1. Learning from each other

2. Find converging interest

3. Learn what other organizations do to serve the same community

4. Learn what works and what doesn’t work for organizations -> sustainability

5. What is the vision for each organization? And where do you see the org impact 5 years from now?

6. The goal for the new decade

It was an honour to collectively work with this group of inspiring leaders and have a vibrant conversation about leadership roles, as well as youth organizations’ responsibilities within our communities. Thanks to this event, we are able to serve our communities in a smarter way and collaborate with various communities and non-profit organizations. We aim to make the youth the forefront leaders of many more events within our communities. We not only want to raise awareness of the amazing work but also provide a platform for all youth in the African Diaspora in the Seattle area.