WSCACL 3rd Annual Summit + AYC

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The African Youth Coalition hosted the Youth Panel during the Summit. The participants were: Kolawole Akinlosotu, Abari Charles, Shina-Olga Diadhiou, Awa Diallo, Ayobami Haruna, Providence Kamana, and Sibusiso Ndhlovu.

Our plan was to come together and discuss the amazing work the young community leaders are doing, present their project/organization; and aspiration for the youth within our community. We were honored to have a vibrant conversation about leadership roles as well as youth responsibilities with the communities. Every panelist brought up a new perspective to the table from the inspiring videos that Young African talk produce under Ayo leadership, the amazing community leadership of Providence, presentation/promotion of African culture through creative African Art by Shina, Africa Now inspiring ideologies to help young Africans to take actions now under the supervision of Wole to African Youth Coalition commitment to raise awareness of the youth organizations within the greater Seattle under Awa's leadership.

Based on the feedback from the participants, the Youth Panel was greatly appreciated. The audience enjoyed listening to the amazing works, African youth in the Seattle area were doing and being able to connect with them during the summit.